Post-Operative Directions for Cast or Splint
Do not remove your surgical dressing or splint. This dressing/splint will be removed at your first office visit at Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin or your first occupational or physical therapy appointment, whichever comes first. In many cases your therapist will make you a new splint to replace the splint applied at surgery.

Unless instructed by your orthopedic physician, it is important that you wear the splint at all times except during physical therapy or for hygiene.

Keep the finger, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow or shoulder that was operated on higher than the level of your heart and apply ice for 10-20 minutes of each hour while awake for the first 72 hours after orthopedic surgery and then as needed for comfort.  Never apply the ice directly to your skin or while sleeping.

You may use the finger, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder that was operated on to the extent your pain will allow after removing your surgical dressing and while wearing your splint.

If your splint or surgical dressing becomes soiled, wet, or ill-fitting, please call and schedule an appointment to have it checked.  You may call the nurse or therapist assigned to your care.

Pain or swelling in the operated area is normal.  This can be lessened by the use of your pain medication and elevation.

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